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Putnam Health & Fitness Center

Healthcare Provider CPR

Be Prepared to Save a Life.


As part of our commitment to support a healthier, safer community, Putnam Health & Fitness Center, in cooperation with Putnam County EMS, is offering the American Heart Association (AHA) Healthcare Provider CPR course on July 28th.  

The 3-hour curriculum covers adult, child and infant CPR. It also includes cardiovascular health as well as signs and symptoms for early recognition of cardiac related events such as heart attack, stroke or cardiac arrest. You will learn how to handle Foreign Body Airway Obstructions (FBAO or Choking) occurring in people of all ages. 

Lori Motes, an excellent CPR instructor with years of experience, will present the CPR certification course at the PHFC facilities in Pomona Park. Lori is a regular instructor for the Putnam County Fire Department the County’s First Responder program.

Enroll TODAY

Cost for the CPR Course is only $40. per person. Preregistration is required. Enrollment ends July 20, 2018. To download a registration form that can be emailed or mailed to PHFC, click the Action Button below or  call  

386-649-8784 to register.

  • Healthcare Provider CPR Course
  • Saturday July 28, 2018
  • 2:00 – 5:00 PM
  • $40.00 per person
  • Putnam Health & Fitness Center
  • 213 Perry St., Pomona Park, FL 32181

Download Registration Form

Registration Form (pdf)